Comparison table of efficiency of this hornbill tapping knife using.
Tools Appearance of the rubber tree 1″ Result after tapping Time amount for 1 appearance opening Age of tapping the rubber tree Weight of knife handle
Jebong Knife 10 Days of tapping The rubber appearance may be damaged in next tapping which may be more difficult and will loose more tapping appearance next time About 3 years About 15 years Very heavy
A Hornbill tapping knife 20 Days of tapping (Because this type of knife can tap thinner and sharper) The rubber appearance will be less damaged and new rubber appearance will be more smoothly grow and easy for tapping. (No flowing sap) About 5 years About 25 years Weight 0.27 Kg. a woman can tap a rubber because it’s low weight
A hornbill tapping knife and a Jebong knife have different application methods
- A hornbill knife, rubber tapping by drawing which will get more saps.
- Jebong knife, rubber tapping by driving.